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2nd Quarter 2024

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Transparency Times is a monthly newsletter produced by the NMET-Network Chairman, John Veltri, to share with the citizens throughout New Mexico and surrounding states, some of the current events as they relate to elections process improvements, processes, procedures, and current commission news related to any county that may have activities underway at that time.

Make your 1 st amendment voices heard during “public comment” at the Sandoval County Commissioners on the 2 nd and 4 th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM, at 1500 Idalia Rd., Bernalillo, 3 rd floor Commissioners Chamber.

Transparency Times also features and promotes a couple local small businesses each month throughout the state of New Mexico to raise awareness and spread the good word for small business owners, free of charge.

Transparency Times is produced FREE via a digital format to reach as many citizens as possible, as
well as some hard copies that are produced for placement throughout some of the local business


The New Mexico Election Transparency Network is a group of citizens in the great state of New Mexico who have come together to help promote secure and transparent elections. So, what does security and transparency mean? For something to be secure according to Merriam-Webster, it is free from danger; affording safety; TRUSTWORTHY, DEPENDABLE; free from risk of loss. Transparency, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is defined as openness; clarity; unobstructed access, esp. to business and governmental records; lack of guile and of any attempt to hide damaging information. Our mission is to ensure each of these ideals is realized in the State of New Mexico.

In March 2024 we will celebrate our 1-year anniversary! When we started March 2022, we had only a handful of Patriots and since then we have grown to 1000’s across the Nation.

Remember, “we together can and will make a difference!”

“Quote” of the month from
John Sarafino (December 10th, 1930 – March 2nd, 2023)



Empowering Democracy: The Referendum Project Update.

New Mexico Election Transparency Network (NMET) would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has supported the “The Referendum Project”. As you may know, NMET was one of the sponsors of the referendums on HB4 (CH. 84) and SB 180 (CH. 39). The Board of NMET believes these laws compromise the security and transparency of elections in New Mexico – a stance we continue to uphold. On April 8th, the New Mexico Supreme Court, in the case, New Mexico Turn Around, et. al. v. Maggie Toulouse Oliver No. S-1-SC-40068, ruled Chapters 39 and 84 were exempt from referendum, a decision we deeply regret. Nonetheless, we remain committed to upholding every New Mexican’s right to petition for governmental redress under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution, and to engage in referendums as per the New Mexico Constitution (Ar. IV, sec.1).

As an organization we continue to support the Referendum Project and everything it stands for. This has been a herculean effort to educate the people on their rights and how to exercise those rights. It has been a success because we have witnessed the one-on-one education of tens of thousands of people.

As individuals, we will continue to work with those who are exercising their constitutional rights. We will continue to remind New Mexican’s which politicians sponsored the bills and which politicians voted for them. This portion of the effort on HB4 and SB 180 may be concluded but the bigger fight is far from over. It is now time to hold the politicians who sponsored and voted for all the bills that have been put up for referendum accountable at the ballot box.

Counties that Need Help

If you know anyone who loves our state, fights for children and our freedom in the following counties, please encourage them to join our fight: More signatures needed in: Catron, Cibola, Grant, Guadalupe, Hildalgo, Lea, Los Alamos, Luna, McKinley, Mora, Otero, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, Sierra, Socorro, Torrance, and Union  get involved and make a difference. 



It is up to all of us to work together for the security and transparency
of our elections.

  1. Voting Machine “Certification” for Sandoval Co.begins April 29th ends May 10th. You can watch thisprocess at the Sandoval Co. warehouse.
  2. Submit Poll Watcher Names to NM SOS, Deadline Tuesday, April 30. Check with your party for details.
  3. Bureau of elections (BOE) Poll Worker Training at the Warehouse in Sandoval Co. Begins: Thursday, May 2 nd ends Thursday, May 30th.
  4. Early Voting Begins at Clerk’s office: Tuesday, May 7th.
  5. Expanded Early Voting opens County-Wide: Saturday, May 18th.
  6. Absentee Board Convenes: Tuesday, May 21s.t
  7. Last Day of Early Voting, Saturday, June 1.
  8. Primary Election Day: Tuesday, June 4th. (Vote in person on day of election)
  9. Sandoval County Canvass Certification of Results: Friday June 14th.


“We together can and will make a difference.”



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