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To unify New Mexico through communication, education and action, promoting solutions for New Mexico’s election system.


Secure and Transparent Elections.



John J. Veltri

Retired Regional Senior Program Telecommunications Manager. Spent 33 years building tens of thousands of microwave, radio and cellular towers across 14 state regions.

A highly dynamic project/program management professional with superb experience in team building and interpersonal skills. Effective presenter, communicator, ability to set and achieve goals. Skilled in building relations and dealing with all cultures.

He believes in always doing what’s right, seeing the good in everyone and everything, and doing the best in all he does to the best of ability.

Denver University College –Program Based Management Masters Certificate
Colorado Front Range Community College – General Business Associates Arts
Denver International and Phoenix International Airport F.B.I. security clearance
Colorado State-1 and State-2 Fire Fighter, Engineer, and Lieutenant


Marijo Streetz

Marijo believes each of us holds an essential role in the process that will sculpt the future of humanity.

Her professional career in dentistry consisted of assisting and managing dental offices for 26 years. More recently she co-managed an equine veterinary practice as a technician for 10 years and provided riding and ground training horsemanship instruction to children and adults. The exceedingly rewarding students she encountered were those sent to her from programs for the maladjusted and less fortunate.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Dental Science from Triton College, Illinois and more working practical knowledge of people management than she cares to admit.

She believes it is time for her to commit the use of her God given gifts, under the direction of our Creator, to make an impact to return our world to what God intended.


Mark B. Goolsby

Retired small businessman. Spent all his adult life ranching in Oklahoma. Worked for 16 years with John Deere as a parts specialist. He also worked with youth in the field of mental health in the Dallas,Texas area.
He believes truth will prevail and good conquers evil. God, Family and Country in that order are the most important treasures of his life.
Austin College – BA in Psychology

Board of Directors

Terri Merkley

Retired Educator, 33 years
Her interest in election integrity began 8 years ago in California with the Election Integrity Project working as a Citizen Volunteer. After moving to New Mexico in 2017, she continued her volunteer work as a Poll Challenger in the elections of 2018, 2020, and 2022 and has been an active participant in city, county, and state issues.

She is honored to serve on the Board of NMET Network which seeks to build a community of engaged citizens dedicated to improving and securing the integrity of our electoral process.

University of California at Davis, B.A. in Political Science – Public Service
California State University, Sacramento – Multiple Teaching Credential