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About NMET Network

We are very proud to introduce the New Mexico Election Transparency website. NMet Network is a group of citizens in the great state of New Mexico who have come together to help promote secure and transparent elections. So, what does security and transparency mean? For something to be secure according to Merriam-Webster, it is free from danger; affording safety; TRUSTWORTHY, DEPENDABLE; free from risk of loss. Transparency, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is defined as openness; clarity; unobstructed access, esp. to business and governmental records; lack of guile and of any attempt to hide damaging information. Our mission is to ensure each of these ideals is realized in the State of New Mexico.

Table of Contents

Government Action

We are very proud of our Action page. We have organized three different sections, County, State and Federal. There are links within each of these sections to help you contact your elected officials, county or state governmental agencies, and make requests for information.


We have attempted to put together a comprehensive compilation of resources and documents to assist you in exploring the business of elections in New Mexico. The compiled links and documents are there to help you find anything from New Mexico’s election results to the laws governing them. We hope to continually update this page as more information is revealed.

Submit a Tip

On our journey to find transparency and promote free and secure elections, we have had many people tell us about problems they have experienced before, during and after a local election that has caused them concern. This form will allow you to tell your story. We encourage you to use this form to submit information that can be verified.

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